4 Skin-Saving Tips For The Best Baths Ever

4 Skin-Saving Tips For The Best Baths Ever

We get a lot of questions from our customers about bathtime, and not just from parents. After all, baths aren't just for babies, and we know very well that the big babies out there (aka adults) love baths too. But baths can often wreak havoc on the skin, causing sucky sensitivity. But it doesn't have to be that way! Simply, follow our favourite 5 steps below, so babies, children and grown ups can enjoy bathtime again. 

1. Hold The Heat

We've yet to meet anyone that loves a good ol' soak in a cold tub. And what sounds better than a nice, hot bath after a hard day? Absolutely nothing. But sadly, for all our fellow jacuzzi lovers out there, hot water can dry out the skin and damage its surface. We know ice baths are trending, and for good reason, but we'll leave those to the likes of Wim Hof.

That being said, we do suggest keeping baths a little on the cooler side. It doesn't have to be cold, but if it's causing the mirror to fog up it's probably too hot. We think somewhere in between lukewarm and hot tub is a fair compromise for the sake of your skin. For the little ones with delicate skin, lukewarm water is the way to go. 

2. Bubbles Without Troubles

The most overlooked part of any bath is often the bubbles. We know, crazy, right? Babies of all sizes, newborns to adults, need bubbles as much as they need clean, healthy skin.

What no one needs is harsh ingredients that bring the bigger bubbles, but often do more damage than good, leaving skin dry, itchy and screaming for salvation.

Full of skin s-MOO-thing ingredients, our 2 in 1 Bubbly Wash will make sure that you (or your baby - yes, grown-ups can use it too!) will emerge from the bath as smooth as a baby’s…you know.  

3. Mask Yourself

Baths are a great time and place to knock out a few self-care tasks, you know the ones, all the things you mean to do but don't do nearly as much as you should. If you plan to sit and soak for a while, why not multi-task with a hair mask? A nice and natural one, of course.

Hair Mask - Cover dry hair all the way to your ends (avoiding the roots if your hair is thin and/or a bit on the oilier side) with a healthy dose of our Cream Conditioner or Protein Shot Leave-In Conditioner. The longer you leave either of these on, the better. Leave the mask on for your entire bath time if you fancy. Rinse thoroughly once you're ready to exit, running your fingers gently through your strands in the process, and hop straight into your PJs.

And don't forget to double park. It’s super important to stay hydrated since your body will be prone to sweating out toxins in the warm water. A wine glass in one hand and a glass of water in the other. Or maybe herbal tea if you're not into wine.

4. Make Time to Moisturize

Moisturizing after bathing not only replenishes skin with natural oils, but post-bath is when skin drinks up moisture the best. When skin is dry, it's much easier for irritants to pass through the skin barrier, making it more likely for flare-ups and meltdowns to occur.

We recommend moisturizing from head to hooves within 3 minutes after exiting the bath (pat yourself dry first) to help 'lock' moisture in, using a healthy moisturizer. It can feel like a chore, but it's always worth the effort. Your skin will slurp up the natural oils in our magnificent moisturizers and you’ll see a noticeable difference in how your skin feels, even after 1 day, compared to a run-of-the-mill commercial cream. Short on time and patience? Try a lighter formula with a faster absorbtion time, like our Fast-Hydration Lotion, which we made with busy people in mind.

If your skin is MOO-dier than you are after a long, hard day, our notoriously nourishing Soothing MSM Moisturizer and our Baby Soothing Moisturizer are designed to comfort skin when it’s having a tantrum, keep it hydrated when things get dry, helps improve skin barrier function, and both blend in like an absolute cream. 

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